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What should I know about debt collection?

If you are faced with significant debt in Cleveland, creditor harassment is bound to be a real issue for you. To this end, it’s important that you are aware of the ways creditors are permitted to contact you, as well as the methods that are not permissible by law. That way you can easily recognize creditor harassment and subsequently deal with it in the appropriate manner.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, you should engage the creditor contacting you initially, even if it’s only to make clear that you are currently unable to repay debt. However, if you wish for the creditor to cease contacting you, you are fully within in your right to do so. This requires drafting a letter stating your desire for communication to stop, sending a certified letter and paying for a read receipt so you know that the creditor received your correspondence. Once you do this, the creditor can only contact you to inform you that no other action will take place, or that they are pursuing a lawsuit.

Additionally, creditors are obligated to provide certain information when they first contact you. This includes who you actually owe the money to, how much you owe and how to proceed with regard to remitting payment. This information must be passed along to you within five days of a creditor making first contact.

There are also a few things creditors are not permitted to do. For instance, they can’t make any false statements regarding your debt, such as claim they are representatives for the government or a law firm. They are also not permitted to claim you owe more money than you actually do, use obscene language when speaking with you or threaten you with arrest or incarceration.


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