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What should I know about debt collection?

If you are faced with significant debt in Cleveland, creditor harassment is bound to be a real issue for you. To this end, it’s important that you are aware of the ways creditors are permitted to contact you, as well as the methods that are not permissible by law. That way you can easily recognize creditor harassment and subsequently deal with it in the appropriate manner.

How to recognize illegal debt collection methods

These days, you may find it easy to fall into debt, thanks to factors such as Ohio’s high cost of living and the challenges associated with paying medical bills, student loans and other necessary expenditures. If your debt is of, say, the credit card or medical variety, you may attract the unwanted attention of a debt collector, and some of the tactics they may use to frighten you are not only unethical, but illegal. At Rauser & Associates Legal Clinic LLP, we have a firm understanding of the difference between legal and illegal debt collection methods, and we use this knowledge to help numerous clients find relief from creditor harassment.

How can I deal with harassment from creditors?

If you are being harassed by creditors in Ohio, you may be wondering what you can do to put a stop it. To this end, you should know that you have rights when it comes to the methods creditors use to pursue outstanding debts. This knowledge can help you deal with creditor harassment, as well as get your finances back on track.

There is hope for those struggling with debt

The battle against debt can seem never ending. Just when you get a little caught up, the next month's bills arrive in your mailbox and the scramble begins to try to pay them. That hamster wheel feeling is enough to drive anyone crazy. But when you add in the constant harassment from creditors and collection agencies, it's easy to feel hopeless. Every time your phone rings, it's a less-than-pleasant message from an agency and every time you get your mail, there's another threatening letter waiting for you.

Debt collectors urging FCC to loosen harassment rules

This one is likely to send shivers down the spines of anyone who has student loan debts. A group of student loan collectors has filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission asking them to cut back on some of the restrictions placed on them.

Here's what to do if you're being harassed by a creditor

One conversation with a creditor is all it takes to make you feel like a criminal. That's because, despite laws that forbid them from doing it, creditors often resort to underhanded tactics to collect a debt, including screaming at or berating a debtor. Even if you've given up on answering the phone, the ring alone can send a shiver down your spine. And that's exactly what they want. If they can make you miserable, you might be willing to pay just to stop the madness.

What debt collectors can and can't do

When you've fallen behind on your bills, and you know the debt collectors are after you, checking the mailbox and picking up the phone become a scary proposition. If you're in dire financial straits, you may be losing sleep at night or feeling stressed all day. If that sounds like you, here are two important things to remember: (1) there is a way out and (2) there are limits on what a creditor can do to collect your outstanding bills. 

Creditor harassment is real, and you really don't have to take it

Maybe you are in debt. If you have credit card debt or other outstanding balances, you probably aren't proud of it. Most likely, you find it frustrating. If you are like many Ohio residents who are drowning in debt, you might even feel shame about your financial situation. 

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