Helping You Deal With Medical Debt

A medical crisis is the number one factor leading individuals to file for bankruptcy. A sudden illness or injury can put a spouse out of work. Medical bills can be extensive, and patients cannot always rely upon health insurance for adequate relief. Finally, an illness or injury may be permanent, and the costs for care will continue to rise and may be overwhelming.

The attorneys at Rauser & Associates Legal Clinic LLP, understand how to help individuals facing overwhelming medical debt. We can discuss all the legal options with you and provide strategies to reduce or eliminate all debt. We have been providing bankruptcy services and other debt elimination strategies for Ohio clients for over 20 years.

Bankruptcy As An Option To Discharge Medical Debt

Determining whether a bankruptcy filing will provide debt relief for medical expenses depends upon your personal situation. Our lawyers will analyze your finances and counsel you on the right option to pursue.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can prove useful in that it sometimes allows you to discharge your medical debt in a short time. Such a filing will put a stop to creditor harassment and possibly provide permanent debt relief.

Unfortunately, not everyone can qualify for Chapter 7 under the Ohio bankruptcy means test. Your income level may be too high. Also, Chapter 7 will not relieve you of secured debt including your home mortgage, which you will continue to have to pay while also trying to pay your medical bills.

In such a circumstance, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may prove your best option. Under Chapter 13, you can reorganize all your debts in a more manageable form. Chapter 13 allows you to provide a payment plan to the bankruptcy judge to demonstrate how you plan on paying your money back. In many instances, the plan can even reduce or eliminate a portion of your debt.

Because debt relief is so essential when facing a medical crisis, you do not want to pursue such options without the help of an experienced lawyer. Keep in mind that these are options that do require the approval of the bankruptcy court. Without such approval, you may still be obligated to pay off all your debt. Our attorneys will help you file a bankruptcy petition to ensure you achieve the right result.

Other Options For Dealing With Medical Debt

Bankruptcy is not the only option for dealing with medical debt. Our approach is to deal with your entire debt situation. In some instances, we can resolve issues through debt negotiation by working with creditors to restructure loans. We regularly help clients with managing credit card debt and create strategies to prevent home foreclosure. In all instances, we will fight creditor harassment and take all necessary steps to protect you and your family.

Proving You And Your Family Debt Relief

With offices in Akron, Cleveland and Toledo, our lawyers and staff provide debt relief options for individuals throughout Ohio. To contact our office and find out more, call 888-843-5787 and set up a free case evaluation.

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