Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy: Yes, It Is Possible

One of the chief reasons people avoid bankruptcy is because they think it will be the end of them financially. “I will never be able to rebuild my life financially or be able to take out a loan for the rest of my life.” These are common thoughts for people considering bankruptcy.

However, these notions are incorrect. With proper planning, execution and the help of a skilled, experienced bankruptcy lawyer, you can rebuild your credit and get back on your feet financially. At Rauser & Associates Legal Clinic LLP, we have more than 20 years of experience helping clients through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our attorneys will walk you through the legal process. We will help you understand the choices available to you and we will help you get the best outcome possible.

How Do You Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy?

  • Do not make any critical bankruptcy mistakes: These will make it all the harder for you to rebuild.
  • Start small and careful: Some small lines of credit will likely be open to you pretty early on after a bankruptcy is finalized. Take our one secured card or a retail card. Set a firm limit on spending with this card, so you do not get in over your head again.
  • Stay on top of it: Make sure you always make your payments on time. By keeping small at first and staying up to date on your payments, you can begin to rebuild. Conversely, if you fall behind, you are creating even worse problems for yourself.
  • Check your credit reports regularly: Errors are not uncommon in credit reports, so keep up with it. An unspotted and uncorrected error could be deadly in your efforts to rebuild your credit score.

These are just a few tips for rebuilding credit after bankruptcy. The important thing to note is that you CAN rebuild. Bankruptcy is not the end for you financially. By working with a lawyer from our firm, you can get through the bankruptcy process and get on a path of true financial freedom.

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