Coronavirus and Bankruptcy in Ohio

| Apr 1, 2020 | COVID-19 |

In addition to creating serious health concerns, the Coronavirus spread is wreaking havoc on our economy.

We share the concerns of everyone during this difficult and stressful time as we see the record increase in unemployment filings. The list of businesses closing, either because the government is forcing them to close, or because of lack of customers is continuing to grow as well.

None of us have, in our lifetimes, ever faced such a national emergency, but we will recover.

Filing consumer bankruptcy will be a major part of the recovery effort and may be an option for you.

Over the past 20 years, Rauser & Associates has helped over 50,000 thousand clients overcome the same types of financial issues thousands of good people are experiencing right now.

In the Cleveland, Elyria, Akron, Canton, Toledo, Youngstown, and Columbus areas, we have seen major economic loss before, often affecting large numbers of people, such as foreclosures, job loss, factory shutdowns and more.

This epidemic is much more.

Many Ohio citizens, like the rest of the nation, already live paycheck to paycheck, or often without enough savings to last for 6 months.

Most of us will need to borrow funds, rely on credit cards, personal loans, and any other means available to make it through this disaster.

We have to fight back and protect ourselves when we are threatened by creditor actions, lawsuits, garnishment, repossession and bank account levy.

There is protection from loss of your property and income. It’s called bankruptcy protection and it is available now if you need it.

Bankruptcy cases are still able to be filed with the United States Bankruptcy Courts for the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio. Although the Courts are not currently holding “in-person” hearings. Court matters are continuing to proceed telephonically.

The offices of Rauser & Associates are open and available to our current and prospective clients telephonically and electronically during this time. We are communicating with our clients remotely via telephone, as well as video conferencing through Google Duo, Zoom and FaceTime. Our clients may still mail, fax and email documents.

Rauser & Associates can process your entire case, from initial telephone consultation with one of our highly experienced attorneys, though the entire case preparation, through signing and filing, and finally the mandatory creditor meeting, all telephonically. You can now actually have your entire case processed by Rauser & Associates without leaving your home.

While the government is going to provide a stimulus package, and provide some relief. In many cases the government checks will not go far enough.

Some of the experts predict massive bankruptcy filings because of the Coronavirus.

It is important to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney as soon as you are concerned about financial matters.

As of today, we continue to see collection lawsuits filed in courts in many different jurisdictions. Many creditors are not backing off.

Many creditors are not backing off and are continuing their collection and recovery efforts.

The loss of income due to lack of work, massive layoffs and illness will be more than most can handle on their own.

Because of this global crisis, in addition to everyday financial concerns, bankruptcy will be needed for many.

Filing personal bankruptcy will become a necessary next step for many as we recover from this pandemic.

For those that need it, bankruptcy is not the end, but a Fresh Start.

Bankruptcy will allow you to keep our property in most cases, wipe out most of your debts, and still enable you to rebuild your credit quickly.

The experienced bankruptcy attorneys of Rauser & Associates have been helping clients overcome the same kind of problems before this crisis, and will continue to do so long after.

If you are experiencing any of these concerns, please reach out to us for a FREE and private consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

Relief is available. Together, we will get through this. We hope that you and your family stay safe and healthy.